Coordinated Access, or Coordinated Entry as it is alternately called, is a HUD mandated, evidence-based system developed to ensure that everyone experiencing a housing crisis has fair and equal access to a system that will rapidly identify, assess, prioritize, refer and connect them to housing and services for which they qualify based on their needs. The goal is to move as quickly as possible from homelessness to housing utilizing a Housing First approach.

In Wake County, the Coordinated Access System is managed by the Partnership. The Raleigh Wake Partnership is committed to creating and promoting a fair and equitable process for everyone experiencing a housing crisis. The Access Hub,  which includes Access Sites and the Call Center, is the first step to connect individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis to eligible, appropriate, and supportive housing options.

In the past, a Housing Ready approach was utilized; in which the belief was that persons experiencing homelessness needed treatment, transitional housing, or other steps in order to become “ready for housing.”  However, evidence has shown that moving persons into housing first, as quickly as possible, in conjunction with appropriate wrap-around services, honors the dignity of the individual and results in a much higher success rate in achieving housing stability.

While emergency shelter may be necessary in the short term, it is not a required step in order to be able to access housing; it is a temporary service to meet an immediate need.

Through our Coordinated Access System, individuals and families are guided and supported on the road to housing.

Coordinated Access System’s

Core Values

Increase Access and Reduce Barriers

All people deserve safe and stable permanent housing.

  • We work toward this outcome by interviewing participants on multiple aspects of their life for interventions that are right for them.
  • We help create opportunities for people to succeed by focusing on their strengths and abilities, and by using Housing First and other evidence-based practices to recognize the autonomy and dignity of the person being served.
Promote Person-Centered Processes

Recognizing the unique needs of every individual we serve:

  • We affirm and employ culturally competent and evidence-based practices. 
  • We utilize client choice and strengths-based approaches to inform options for services, housing, and referrals in order to respect the whole person without reducing him/her/them to their housing needs alone.
Strategically Prioritize Resources

We use strategic prioritization to ensure people are connected to housing and services appropriate to their needs and eligibility and to match those with the greatest needs to limited resources.

Integrate Services Between Providers and Across Systems

Service providers and system partners across Wake County create continuity for participants by aligning programs within and allocating resources through Coordinated Access.