Connecting Opportunities

Designed to alleviate the bottlenecks our service providers and homeless community experienced when trying to navigate resources in the system, the Housing Navigation Unit (HNU) connects housing opportunities (property managers) to those in need of housing. The service came about as part of a strategic plan to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on homeless and precariously housed Wake County residents while maximizing opportunities for positive long-term outcomes. 

Quick Turnaround Leads to Big Accomplishments 

Our HNU has been in operation for roughly six months now and the work remains urgent with approximately 400 households waiting for an address.

To increase service levels, we streamlined the referral process by accepting them electronically through the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

HNU is excited to roll out a new rental database system called Padmission.

Property managers/owners can enter available units into Padmission, and homeless service providers will be trained on how to access property searches in real-time. The Padmission system goes live in March and features a more dynamic database that makes the housing location and search process efficient.