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The Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness leads a collaborative network of community partners focused on solutions to end and prevent homelessness in our community.

The Partnership has become the knowledge base for the COC. While we have a large administrative component, the Partnership is now a repository of skilled and experienced staff who can follow through on issues battling homelessness. In addition to “static” knowledge such as regulations and best practices, we also now offer  “dynamic” knowledge with up-to-the-minute data reflecting meaningful trends. Building trust where it had been lacking is one perspective. Another is to see knowledge and data as the value we add along with exceptional administrative competence.









Kim Crawford

Executive Director
Contact Kim at kcrawford@partnershipwake.org

Kim Crawford brings a wealth of experience to our organization. She holds both a BS in Business Administration and an MS in Corporate Communication from Lindenwood College. Her academic accomplishments also include an MA in Religion and Theology from the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Before she arrived at the Partnership, Kim was the NC ESG Homeless Programs Administrator. Other former positions include serving as Executive Director of the Allied Churches of Alamance County (ACAC) shelter, and the Life House, Inc. shelter for at-risk homeless children in Duluth, Minnesota.

Her passion to end homelessness prompted her to serve on multiple committees and projects during her career. She facilitated the successful execution of the first Alamance County Project Homeless Connect (ACICHA) “Bad Building Tour,” highlighting the poor quality of affordable housing in the community.

“I’m excited by the opportunity to work with the Raleigh Wake Partnership to End Homelessness. I look forward to using my experience to bring the organization’s reach further into the community to assist more people in crisis, and hopefully break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.”

Jasmin Volkel

Coordinated Access System (CAS) Director
Contact Jasmin at jvolkel@partnershipwake.org

Although a native New Yorker, Jasmin has spent the past decade working to improve the lives of North Carolinians.  She started as a mental and behavioral health case manager in Durham, NC after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Duke University. She worked with children and youth at-risk of removal from their homes.  After graduating from NC State University with a Master of Social Work degree, Jasmin worked as a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Administrator for several NC Continua of Care (CoC) including the Wake CoC. She has helped inform others on the importance of data when designing and maintaining equitable Coordinated Entry systems both in and out of HMIS.

HW! Access Hub


Crystal Folmar, AH Specialist
Robin Saenz, AH Specialist
Markiesha Thompson, AH Specialist
Tracie Webb, AH Specialist

HW! Housing Navigation


Davida Washington, Housing Locator
Monika Gauthier, Housing Liasion

HMIS Help Desk

919-443-0098, opt 3 

Chloe Pearson, HMIS Specialist
Eric Doll, HMIS Specialist

HW! CAS By-Name List

919-443-0098 x1005

Allison Sickels, Coordinator

Strategy and Development

919-443-0098 x1001

Jenn Von Egidy, Manager

Team News

Our staff’s combined wealth of knowledge and the expertise they bring to the table positions the Partnership as a strong ally in the battle to end homelessness. Recent promotions within our team let their star power shine, spotlighting internal skills.

Development Has A New Strategy

For the past 17 years, Jenn Von Egidy has worked to end homelessness in North Carolina. Before arriving at the Partnership, she worked with the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness where she shared her expertise with homeless and housing program staff across the state. Jenn is passionate about increasing and sharing her expertise in solutions to end homelessness. 

We are happy to announce Jenn’s promotion from her previous position as our Access Hub Manager to our new Strategy and Development Manager. She’ll be working on a new fundraising strategy to help the Partnership continue our important work. “I believe transformational change begins when a community agrees to work as a system instead of operating in their agency silos. The Partnership has emerged as a systemic leader during the pandemic. It has been an honor to work with such a nimble and responsive team.” 

New Role Emerges Out of Need

The Partnership is also excited about developing an entirely new role within our organization that directly responds to emerging needs. Allison Sickels is now our HMIS By-Name List Coordinator. Her role may have an unfamiliar name, but the critical maintenance of this list helps us perform as the liaison between the Continuum of Care, community partner agencies, stakeholders, and vendors. As communities evolve how they work to end homelessness and poverty, a position such as this will be essential to track in real-time the ever-changing size and composition of the population experiencing homelessness. By collecting information on an individual’s unique situation and housing needs, Allison can then communicate this data across stakeholders to allocate resources efficiently and bring a person’s episode of homelessness to a resolution. 

One of her primary tasks will be to document the performance and challenges of the coordinated access system. The Coordinated Access System is a standardized method to access housing/homeless services from the point that a household experiences homelessness to the point that they are again stably housed. 

Allison’s success in her former role as an Access Hub Specialist showed us she was ready for this important position. “I am grateful for the opportunity to share and learn from our compassionate and responsive community agencies committed to preventing and ending homelessness. The Partnership team continues to quickly acclimate to change while maintaining the goals of our community.”