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Education and training play a critical role in our commitment to lead a collaborative network focused on solutions to end and prevent homelessness in our community. Our collaborative Collective Impact Model enables all of our partners and collaborators to be familiar with and use best practices.

We continue to add, update, as well as curate educational opportunities, training, and collaborative meetings.

NC 507 Onboarding Essentials

NC 507 Onboarding Essentials is most appropriate for new staff, volunteers or board members that you need to get up to speed on the basics.

This two hour training covers:

  • Homelessness 101;
  • Housing First 101;
  • The privilege of service;
  • The most common types of services in a system of care and who leads/manages the system of care;
  • Where funding comes from and how funding decisions are made;
  • Data and measuring outputs and outcomes; boundaries;
  • Why privacy and confidentiality is important;
  • Why racial equity and inclusion matter;
  • An introduction to the service orientation of working with people who are homeless or marginally housed;
  • The basics of self-care.

Past Trainings

Find and access materials from previously held in-person trainings and webinars.

2-day clinic facilitated by the National Alliance to end Homelessness. During this clinic, the Alliance worked with our CoC to make changes in our homeless response system including implementing best practice policies and procedures, and right sizing their system to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and one time.

Forum for sharing HMIS updates, reporting needs, data quality issues, and open communication around HMIS usage.

If you are a current HMIS user and wish to join our monthly HMIS meetings, please contact us

For an archive of past meeting videos, please visit our HMIS Meeting Playlist

The HMIS Team provides HMIS users with the opportunity to develop their HMIS expertise through trainings and information sessions!

For an archive of past meeting videos, please visit our HMIS Training Playlist

Links to PowerPoints from past meetings:


Release of Information Training


CE Data Elements Training

HMIS Referrals Training


Data Entry for RRH and PSH


Focus on supportive housing interventions for persons moving from homelessness into the home.

For an archive of past Supportive Housing videos, please visit our YouTube Playlist.

An overview of the shift adopted by Wake County in 2020 to reinvent the Coordinated Access System.

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Presentations highlighting the amazing work of our community partners in Wake County!

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Presentations pertaining to CoC systems and Governance

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