Property Managers

You, as a property manager, have an opportunity to positively impact the lives of those at risk of becoming or currently experiencing homelessness while also ensuring your business needs are met through participating in the Housing Navigation & Landlord Engagement Program.


List your vacancies for free - no commission fees!


Add, edit, activate, and deactivate properties in real-time


Select which housing programs you are willing to accept


Get tenant referrals from case managers fast


Receive up to $750 sign-on bonus per lease signed


Risk Mitigation Reimbursement: Up to $2,500 beyond security deposit


Financial Assistance: Paid directly to property manager


Agency Support: To mitigate concerns with residents

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the HNU at (919) 443-0097 or

Padmission is our web-based housing search platform for homeless services organizations to assist individuals and families in their housing search.  Available properties are updated by both landlords and Partnership staff to include:

    • Housing programs accepted
    • Property Address
    • Floorplan information, including square footage and bedroom/bathroom configuration
    • Rent, deposit and fee requirements
    • Utility responsibilities
    • Amenities and facilities


2021 Raleigh / Wake County Fair Market Rents (FMR)

Studio / Efficiency – $1,013
1-Bedroom – $1,053
2-Bedroom – $1,200
3-Bedroom – $1,509
4-Bedroom – $1,950

Who screens the resident?

You do! As the property manager, you have the final approval in determining the eligibility of a resident according to your own requirements.

What can I charge for rent?

Our programs operate under the Fair Market Rent standards provided by HUD. You must charge at or below these FMR standards. Current 2021 Raleigh / Wake Fair Market Rents (Raleigh MSA):


  • Studio / Efficiency – $1,013
  • 1-Bedroom – $1,053
  • 2-Bedroom – $1,200
  • 3-Bedroom – $1,509
  • 4-Bedroom – $1,950
Who do I call if I have a question or problem?

If the property manager has additional questions/concerns that cannot be addressed with the resident, contact the HOUSE WAKE! Housing Navigation Unit at (919) 443-0097.

Who should I contact if I would like to rent additional properties through HOUSE WAKE! HNU?

If you have additional properties, apartments, or homes available to rent, you can simply add through Padmission. You control how many properties you want in the program. 

Will I have to change my rental application process?

No, your processes stay the same.

Can I continue to use my lease?

Yes! You will continue to do business as usual: your lease, your application, and whatever other requirements you already have will continue.

How will I get paid?

The same way your other residents pay rent! Direct deposit, mail-in check, pick up in person, online. You, the resident, & the partner agency will agree upon terms.

What paperwork do we need to get started?

We need a W-9 and an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

Does it cost property managers anything to be apart of this program?

No, we just ask the property manager to make the unit that they are providing be at or below Fair Market Rent.

Can I do a shared housing lease agreement?

Yes, if that is how best you want to utilize your property with the HOUSE WAKE!.