Service Providers looking for rentals 

Looking for Rentals for Your Clients Experiencing Homelessness?

Case Managers, Navigators, and other supportive services providers can search for available properties, view listed properties, and send messages to landlords about properties.

Steps for Service Providers to refer clients to HNU:
  1. You must have an HMIS License.
  2. Refer your client to the Housing Navigation Unit via HMIS.
  3. Upload Homeless Verification in HMIS.
  4. Search for vacant properties in Padmission.
  5. Found a match? Send properties a referral through Padmission.
  6. Once the Property Manager accepts the referral, inspect the unit using the Housing Stability Minimum Habitability Standards Checklist
  7. Support the client through the leasing process.
  8. Upload your  Housing Stability Minimum Habitability Standards Checklist and lease in HMIS.

If you have any questions or would like more information,
please contact the HOUSE WAKE! HNU at (919) 443-0097 or

Padmission is our web-based housing search platform for homeless services organizations to assist individuals and families in their housing search. Case managers use Padmission to search for units and properties for tenancy in the programs. Information that is included:

    • Property Address
    • Floorplan information, including square footage and bedroom/bathroom configuration
    • Numbers of units available by size
    • Rent, deposit and fee requirements
    • Utility responsibilities
    • Amenities and facilities
    • Housing programs accepted
    • Upload pictures and documents
    • Marketing remarks and specials or concessions