Continuum of Care/NC 507

Wake County Continuum of Care

The CoC is governed by a board composed of community members invested in the issue of homelessness. The CoC Board is an independent entity but is not incorporated, so must appoint a local entity to conduct business on behalf of the Board and CoC at large.

The Role of the Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness: 
Lead Agency
As the Lead Agency, the Partnership is designated to carry out the activities of the CoC, including fiscal and compliance activities. Regular admin tasks include management of the annual HUD application, coordination of other funding opportunities, project/system monitoring, meeting management, and other duties as needed.
Collaborative Applicant

As the Collaborative Applicant, the Partnership is designated by the CoC Board to be the entity that submits the collaborative funding application to HUD for homeless assistance programs.

HMIS Administration
As the HMIS Administrator, the Partnership manages the Continuum’s data in the Homeless Management Information System.  HMIS allows our community to record, track, and report results of individual agency accomplishments, as well as measure how the entire community is performing.
Coordinated Access System
As the Coordinated Access System (CAS) Lead, the Partnership is committed to creating and promoting a system that is fair and equitable for everyone entering the homeless response system. The CAS will rapidly identify, assess, prioritize, refer, and connect them to housing and services for which they qualify based on their needs.