Continuum of Care/NC 507

It is our goal to have a transparent, open, and inclusive CoC that is in alignment with HUD requirements and national best practices. Therefore, we offered all who wished to have a voice in this endeavor the opportunity to vote on CoC’s new Governance Charter.

Votes are in and being tabulated! We will announce results by September 25. Sign up below for our newsletter to stay informed and find opportunities to get involved.

A New Path Forward

The Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End Homelessness was created to provide a home for the Wake County Continuum of Care.

In this role, the Partnership has been the Lead Agency (HMIS, CAS, Planning) and Collaborative Applicant for funding through the CoC Program.

As many of you are aware, separating the governance of the CoC from the Partnership, has been identified as a mandated requirement. This can reduce conflicts of interest and clarify roles of all stakeholders including the Partnership, BOD & staff, City of Raleigh, Wake County, HUD-funded CoC partners, and privately funded partners, to name a few.  Of course, this separation can increase transparency, collaboration, and the level of public participation in the CoC.

This chalktalk by Kim Crawford, Executive Director of the Partnership outlines direction and action steps. 


Raleigh/Wake Continuum of Care Restructure

The presentation on May 20th was in collaboration with HUD (technical assistance provided by ABT Associates), The Raleigh Wake Partnership to End Homelessness, and information gleaned from the “Big Atlas” Partnership – CoC Community Report.

Be a Part of the Change!

Please review the updated Raleigh/Wake Continuum of Care Governance Charter. This is an important step in the continuation of the restructuring process. Address any feedback, comments or questions to no later than 12 pm, Wednesday, August 19