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The need in Wake County is greater than ever. No single entity can end homelessness, but together we can make a difference in our community.

When you support the Partnership, you’re helping to plant the seeds that will bring about the systemic change required to solve the issue of homelessness.

Through our work we can create change by:

  • Creating and sustaining a collaborative network of nonprofits, government agencies, and service organizations addressing homelessness in our community.
  • Bringing efficiency, accountability, and collaboration to bridge gaps and increase capacity in the system.
  • Providing coordinated access to help and intervention to those at-risk or currently experiencing homelessness.
  • Collecting, analyzing and sharing valuable data to improve services and funding opportunities for organizations working directly with clients
  • Providing education and advocacy opportunities


Make a gift to the Partnership today!

Be part of the solution to end homelessness by investing in the Raleigh Wake Partnership to End Homelessness. With your donation, you have the unique opportunity to lead the way for others to help solve a global housing crisis, starting right here in your own backyard.

Please contact Eric Doll if you need more information, wish to discuss Legacy Giving, Estate Planning or other funding opportunities.

As a member of a downtown church, I have tried to show hospitality to our friends who were sleeping outside, but I realized that people weren’t meant to sleep on concrete no matter how “hospitable.” That’s why the Partnership means so much to me. The Partnership is planting seeds for an efficient, effective and enduring systemic solution to homelessness. One of the most humbling images burned in my memory is seeing a friend who has been chronically homeless, proudly pull a new set of house keys from his pocket. In this Season of Giving and Gratitude, I hope you’ll join me in supporting the work of the Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness.

– David

Seeing what was happening on the national level over the last years made me determined to make a difference in any way I could on the local level. Growing up, I knew what it was to struggle and to wonder how we would make ends meet. For so many families like ours, it was one step forward and two back. Through the Partnership, I have been able to help families see a clearer path from homelessness to being housed. Help me provide support for these families by supporting the Partnership. 

– Paige

I first got behind the work of the Partnership because I was asked. I was more accustomed to providing direct support through shelters and food pantries, but I realized that people experiencing homelessness need a more efficient, effective, and enduring system to prevent and end homelessness as we know it in Wake County. I am especially encouraged to see the way our system collaborates to serve minority women, especially those affected by domestic violence and help them find safe, affordable housing for themselves and their children. Please read more and consider supporting the Partnership. 

– Tori

I am committed to making our homeless response system better and reaching sustainable goals through collective impact. The Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness serves as the backbone support organization so that our community achieves the greatest collective impact, helping all agency partners speak the same language and strive for the same big, sustainable goals. We help the agencies do what they do best. Our continuum is at an inflection point where rapid growth is both a challenge and an opportunity. Please support the Partnership through your giving!

– Tracy

Through my current work with the City of Raleigh and previously with other nonprofits, I have been motivated by my belief that all people must have access to a safe place to live. I call on The Partnership multiple times each week to use their resources and strategies in our collaborative effort to end homelessness in Raleigh. Please join me in supporting their work.

– John

Knowing what it is to experience homelessness has fueled in me a stronger desire to help others complete the journey from homeless to housed. The Partnership is building an effective, collaborative system to help others like me find housing. Please join me in supporting their work.

— Coby

I have spent my lifetime serving others and have lived through my own financial struggles. Through the Partnership, I am able to help build an effective and efficient system of care that gets results! Ending homelessness is possible with collaborative effort and common goals. Please join me in supporting the Partnership!

— Frances

In my lifetime, I have seen upheavals that have put individuals and families on the streets with nothing. Working in downtown Raleigh, I see the same looks on the faces of people who come in for a little warmth, food, and rest. I know what it is to be desperate for help — the Partnership is building a better system so that families get housed more quickly. Help me help them!

— Rashid

My family has lived through tragic events that but for the safety net of loving family could have left us homeless. Many of the people I see pass through my courtroom have not had a safety net and end up homeless. I want to introduce you to the Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness, an organization building an effective, efficient and enduring system to end homelessness. If it is in your heart to do so, please consider pledging your support!

— Vince

As the child of a military family, I am still awed by the bravery and sacrifice our veterans make to keep secure the ideals of our nation. It breaks my heart that so many veterans return to their communities with nowhere to call home. Through the work of the Partnership and local agencies, we are very close to ending veteran homelessness in Wake County. Please read more and support our mission!

— Sharon

Working in the apartment industry, I witnessed how fragile so many residents’ hold was on housing and financial stability. The stories I heard every week made me fearful for what would happen to the families I knew were losing their apartments. For this reason, I got behind the Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness to support a system that was seeking to keep people in housing whenever possible —  and to return them to safe and affordable housing as quickly as possible if they became homeless. Please help me support the Partnership through your end of year gift.

— Kim Lawyer

As a law enforcement officer, I have a unique perspective on those who are experiencing homelessness. Every person represents another story, not unlike my own in many ways, but one where a cascade of events left this man, woman, or child without a home. I am grateful for how the Partnership collaborates with law enforcement and other local providers to shorten the length of time families experience homelessness. Please join me in supporting them!

— Maddi

Your gift helps us

  • Provide a welcoming, inclusive system where persons experiencing homelessness can tell their story just one time and be paired with agency supports that best meet their housing needs.
  • Convene local partners to work together to end homelessness one person or family at a time.
  • But most importantly, with your help we can achieve our vision of all Wake County residents having safe, affordable housing. Join us!