Why I Serve 

“Compared to April 2020, rental rates for one-bedroom housing increased by 29.9% by April 2021,” WRAL Tech Wire.


I thought as I read through this article, “we have our work cut out for us.” As a board member, reading this article is one of the reasons why I serve. Our community is experiencing rapid growth with more business and higher paying jobs. For many, that’s a positive. It seems the secret is out about our great quality of life, educated workforce, dynamic university system, proximity to beautiful mountains and beaches, and perhaps more key—the affordability.

Yet, all of this growth is bittersweet. Housing and rental prices are steadily on the rise. The expansion is good for many but may leave the working poor even more marginalized and on the cusp of the next wave of homelessness. The solution to homelessness requires a community-wide effort. Now, more than ever, it’s just as important to keep housing access and affordability at the forefront of our community leaders’ minds so it doesn’t become out of reach for those who live and work here that do not earn a six-figure income.

This is why I serve. Will you help me? Your monetary gift is an investment in our community. Make your investment in our community today! 

—Paige Hachet Jacob, Secretary, Raleigh Wake Partnership to End Homelessness Board of Directors

Paige Hachet Jacob
Secretary, Board of Directors
Raleigh Wake Partnership to End Homelessness

Photo courtesy of 627 Photography

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